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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. We all work together to get perfect nanny for your family needs. 

2. When family interview nanny from us(Find Nanny) they will be accepting both the fee structure and terms and conditions of the agency. 

3.Find Nanny Agency only assist family and Nanny to work together. Find Nanny does not employ the Nanny. After the placement of the Nanny, the Nanny will be under Family supervision, control and responsibility. The Agency cannot be responsible to the Family or Nanny for any damage, loss, or expense incurred either directly or indirectly by reason of the negligence or shortcomings of any Nanny employed by a Family while the Nanny is performing duties or while travelling in a car with the children.

4.Same fee will be charged, should we find out that Family recruited Agency Nanny without following correct process to avoid payment fee with Find Nanny. 

5. The client is required by law to have a contract of employment with their employee, Find Nanny Agency can assist you with drafting employment contract and extra fee. 

6. The final decision to accept the Nanny remains with the Family. 

7. Interviewing a nanny  Find Nanny Agency will indicate acceptance of both the fee structure and terms & conditions

8. Find Nanny Agency candidates are covered by a 12-month exclusivity agreement. This provides that in the event of a candidate being employed within 12 months of the initial interview, the full placement fee will become immediately to Find Nanny Agency 

9. Should the placement fee not be settled within 7 days of the placement a late payment penalty of R100.00 per day will be levied until such time as fees are settled.

10. Find Nanny Agency will provide a 90 days guarantee period will replace the Nanny free of charge if the client is dissatisfied or Nanny leaves/discharged for any reason.Should the Nanny cancel the contract prior to start date for whatever reason the Agency will endeavor to arrange a replacement and propose an alternative suitable candidate.

11. Find Nanny agency quality guarantee extends for a period of 90 days from start date. If during this period, Nanny decides to leave her family, Find Nanny Agency undertakes to replace the candidate free of charge, provided that the placement fee was paid  Within 7 days of the Nanny commencement date. 

12. Should Find Nanny Agency not be given the opportunity to replace a nanny and/or make alternative arrangements via another source, this guarantee will be regarded as having been completely discharged. Neither will a refund be given if the Family no longer wishes to hire Nanny, regardless of the reason. 

13. Please Note  after 90 days of employment, Find Nanny Agency will not be responsible for any of the below:

• Retrenchment.

• Unfair dismissal.

• Breach of employment contract by the employer.

14. A replacement  Nanny will only be provided to Families having paid before the start date & where the Agency has received written notification within 48 hours stating that the employment has been terminated.Should a placement terminate after 90 days, the Agency is not obliged to offer a refund or free replacement. No refunds will be  made on replacement  Nannies. 

15. Find Nanny Agency acts as an intermediary only and is not the employer. The Client must ensure they are 100% sure of the suitability of the Nanny prior to hiring them. Find Nanny Agency is not responsible if the Nanny proves to be unsuitable. The choice of Find Nanny Agency remains the Client’s decision, the Client accepts these terms and conditions, whether or not they sign the form and/or the conditions.

16. Find Nanny Agency accepts no liability of any kind for any inconvenience, loss of or damage to property, or any loss or personal injury or death howsoever arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission of any applicant introduced by the Agency even if such an act or omission is negligent or fraudulent or reveals dishonesty.

17. Find Nanny Agency will submit details of all Nannies with a valid I.D or Passport , licence(if available) or Passport, Latest Police clearance(if is ready) , Proof of residential. 

18. In accordance with the Labour Relations Act, the Client is required to have a Contract of Employment with the Candidate and to comply with all the legislative conditions including, but not limited to all statutory deductions to be made by the Client. A copy of the Contract of Employment may be requested from the Agency with extra fee.

19. This agreement constitutes a full and binding contract between the Agency and the Client. The Client signifies their agreement to the terms and conditions.

Fee Structure

Our Fee structure
1. Nanny service – Full time nanny – R1500 once off
2. Tutor service – R700 once of payment.
The fees are only paid to Find a Nanny after client is happy with our Refered candidate.
The family(client) after completing the registration form will be given 3 candidates to interview virtually and if family is happy, then make agreement fee to agency and sign a contract between agency and family and  the candidates will start their duties.

Contact Details

  • +27 76 281 1522

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